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A special song to encourage you to find the strength to carry on for now, before you get great life advice from Basil Simon

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You are in good hands to get great life advice.

You can relax and feel rest assured that you are in great hands. Basil will get to your question eventually, depending on how many people he is currently helping with lifes problems. There are some people out there who really are challenged with serious stuff! Hang in there! Do not do anything rash, just sit tight and wait for your answer. Some situations in life can easily escalate into far worse dilemmas by doing the wrong thing. Better safe than sorry so dont act out of worry or desperation. You are not alone now, you have real help on your side.

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Basil May Request More Information about your life issue.

Most questions can be answered adequately in email but if Basil believes he needs to speak with you directly in order to gain a deeper understanding of what is happening then he may request a connection via Skype. It all depends on the information you have supplied and the complexity of the given issue.

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