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Would it be wrong to ask your partner to stop drinking?

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Answer delivered by Basil Simon on Quora….

If alcohol is beginning to negatively impact your relationship then it is without doubt time to consider if it is problematic.

The fact that you are asking this question suggests it is definitely a major issue already.

It would be totally acceptable to sit your partner down and say that you are starting to become really worried about their alcohol consumption. Outline the reasons why it does concern you and ask your partner if it is possible for drinking could take a back seat for a while?

If your partner becomes difficult, makes excuses for why its not a problem and why not to  do that, accuses you of trying to make out they are an alcoholic and just generally kicks off, then you may very well be in for the long track of ‘denial’.

Denial is the stage alcoholics go through prior to admitting they have a problem. Some alcoholics never get past denial at all.

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If you end up in a real struggle with this then you need support. It is not right or fair that you have to live through this alone. There are experienced people who can help. Their are other people going through exactly the same thing you are going through.

there is an organisation available that can help you called…. AL-ANON  

Google this for your local area!

I did write and record a song for a family member who was a serious alcoholic. Trying to help him was hard! We tried to give him the proverbial kick up the bum to do something about it but he was telling us ..,.”You might as well…. eat your shoes.mp3

Enjoy !

Good luck

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