When is flirting too much?

Basil Simon
Basil Simon, 27 yrs of successful marraige and a deep understanding of human instincts

Flirting is definitely too much if…

  1. You are alone with a family member
  2. You are alone and feeling horny in a field full of cows
  3. You are looking in your mirror
  4. The priest catches you with your hand in the church collection box
  5. You are leading a marriage guidance counselling session
  6. You just got accidentally abducted by aliens
  7. A police officer has just caught you urinating in a public place
  8. The fireman is cutting your crushed legs from the wreckage of a vehicle
  9. Your care worker is collecting your putrid bed pan
  10. You are bouncing up and down on a pogo stick

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