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UK producer Basil Simon

Basil Simon Biography section 1; London

Basil relocated to London in 1989.  He subsequently spent 20 yrs rubbing shoulders with many of the greatest names in the music business. Additionally, Basil performed live at many famous venues in London. This included the famous Rock Garden (Covent Garden) & Wembley Arena. He then proceeded to play the Notting Hill Gate open air Oxfam charity gig along with “Take That”. Subsequently, His performance as “Samson the fairy sex father”  gained the nightly news television exposure ahead of the then relatively unknown “Take That!”

Basil went on to achieve representation from celebrated agent and manager Mr Tony Nunn.

Tony took care of many famous acts. These acts included;

He also worked closely with the great West end director Andrew Lloyd Webber. Tony had a great reputation for supplying actors and actresses for major onstage productions..

In 1994 Tony arranged for Basil Simon to release his first album “Mindfield” on Snapper. The album subsequently sold around 50 000 copies.

Then, the mobile phone content boom gripped the UK around this time. Basil’s health proceeded to fail badly as his weight dramatically increased.  He subsequently developed heart issues.  Basil’s weight increased around the end of the 1990’s to an astonishing 36 stones (504lb). Additionally he became relatively housebound and needed a new way to become creative from home.

Basil Simon Biography section 2; The mobile boom years


Re-inventing himself as “Content Producer -BAZzZMAN”, Basil then spent an incredible amount of time recording a huge catalogue of ringtones. These ringtones went on to become known as “Crazy Tones”. Before long Basil achieved no less than 26 Global distribution contracts. However, this experience would prove to give him a harsh lesson in international legalities!


CP BAZzZMAN became one of the biggest brand names in mobile content.

The companies carrying his work consequently started aggregating to other companies. Before long Basil had lost complete control over his catalogue! The result was that despite being (probably) the most “bluetoothed” man in the world, the income certainly didnt reflect it! Trying to collect money from international companies required good legal representation. This was very expensive so Basil had to let this go.

Even the famous ‘Jamba’ dubiously exploited Basil’s intellectual productivity. Basil had suggested during conversation creating the worlds first virtual DJ. His idea of re-releasing the crazy frog with a catchy dance track clearly impressed ‘Jamba’. 2 months later they subsequently released ‘DJ Crazy’ with the famous Axel F theme tune. No credit was given to Basil for this but the idea clearly came from him. Basil then cancelled his contracts with Jamba as a result and he never saw a penny from them.

Basil Simon Biography section 3; Health

The beautiful Yorkshire Dales.

After relocating to the Yorkshire Dales, Despite his health worsening, Basil continued to do the one thing he loved most; creating music. His next album release “Dancing for the money man” became available on all good download portals However; this album was never destined to be promoted due to ill health.

In 2013 Basil had to undergo a life saving operation to reduce his weight.

baz 31st post op - Basil Simon Biography

Since that operation Basil consequently halved his body weight but had been left continually challenged by osteo arthritis. The years of pressure on his joints finally caught up.

Despite this daily painful challenge and various other health issues, he continues to be creative, write music & try to help the world through intelligent song writing.


Basil SImon biography section 4; A life coach is born

Basil currently produces his own music from his base in the Yorkshire Dales.  He currently works with the amazingly talented  Dutch producer Frank Pels (Womack & Womack). He is strongly committed to using his musical skills to deliver his greatest observations and learning, derived from a difficult life. Those who wish to draw from his experience can do easily. Basil now delivers this information both through his music and through online portals as a life coach. Quora is his main hub of activity for this and he has gone on to be honoured as a celebrated life coach on this popular Question & answer platform. Read some of Basil’s Quora answers here  

Basil Simon Biography section 5; most known for.

Basil Simon is most known for:

singing - Basil Simon Biography

Seriously believing he would soon be checking out of hotel Earth, Basil went on to try qualifying for X-Factor after bowing to pressure from his family to do so.. Although very challenged by pain and experiencing limited mobility, he decided to give it a go. It would be the last effort at real exposure for his great vocal ability. Basil went on to receive major mainstream national exposure during airing of the UK X Factor 2011 competition. Singing a powerful rocky version of ‘House of the rising sun‘ by the Animals, not only did he; blow the judges away gaining a strong 4 yesses but morover; he progressed to the competitions bootcamp.

His weight was 33 stones. Basil went on to be tipped as a potential winner during boot camp untill his heart let him down . Paramedics attended him after he collapsed with a serious SVT attack. It was then clear he couldn’t really continue and subsequently he was let go from the show at the next filtering session. Basil had sadly become very significantly challenged by his obesity at this time.

Basil has good memories of his time at the X Factor

including; working with Olly Murs, Kelly Rowland, Tulsa & in particular; singing at a grand piano on stage at Wembley arena with Gary Barlow. The greatest experience Basil had was singing to an audience of some 8000 people!

basil simon olly murs caroline flack 2011 - Basil Simon Biography


Sealand flag - Basil Simon Biography

The classical world recognises Basil Simon for this stunning composition that became the Sealand national anthem. Prince Michael issued the commission for Basil to write the music. Basil was subsequently awarded the Honorary title of  ‘Lord’ for his work. Moreover, this composition has been released worldwide on a classical CD named ‘Anthems of the world’ Consequently, The Sealand national anthem has proceed to be performed by Orchestras worldwide.

Sealand is a micronation off the coast of eastern UK.

lenny the tramp - Basil Simon Biography

After finding “Lenny the tramp” living in a bus stop in Lancaster rd North London, Basil released a song to raise money to raise awareness of his situation with a view toward rehousing him. Basil established the system had let Lenny down badly.  The local authorities failed to realise Lenny’s mental state. Basil observed Lenny over a period of a month. Basil did offer Lenny his own home as refuge however Lenny proved to have significant mental issues involving territorial attachment. Consequently this meant he would suffer panic attacks and psychological issues if he left the area of the bus stop.

Next; Local MP Joan Ryan supported Basil’s efforts to help, after he presented a ten page psychological report on Lenny’s mental state.

local authorities consequently reassessed Lenny’s situation. The campaign subsequently gained support from the BBC, channel 5, Sky, The Big Issue, Manchester Evening News & many more UK publications. The campaign consequently went international after ARD Germany sent a camera crew to cover the story. As a result, Lenny became rehoused ending 29 yrs of homelessness.


Basil Simon Biography section 6; Industry acceptance 

Many notable people have worked with Basil Simon.

Testimonials and reviews…..

Gary Barlow – Take that;  “ Basil you have a sensational voice”

  • Marion Massey, manager LuLu 25yrs … “You are such an amazing and positive talent Basil”
  • Tony Nunn, Agent and manager, The Who, Eat static,Ozric Tentacles,Paul okenfold
  • “I was just returning your call, yeah that sounds like a hit Basil if ever I heard one”
Olly Murs – UK superstar;  ”I really love this guy, Good luck basil”
  • Fainy Roachford…… “huge voice”
  • Micheal Westerguard producer – the Blessing “ Basil has an incredible voice”
  • Geoff foster AIR studios…… “Basil’s songs could easily become hits ”
Richard “Biff” Stannard –  song writer and producer  – One Direction – Little Mix – Kylie Minogue – Sophie Ellis-Bextor;

“ Its really good to hear someone walk in here with something fresh”

  • Peter Kerr Producer the Cream, Bay city rollers “The kids are gonna love this Baz”
  • Paul Harvey; ‘Then Jerico’; “Baz is a great writer and a real pleasure to work with.”
  • Esther Rantzen …BBC Legend “ Basil I absolutely love your voice please call my producer at the BBC music department”
  • Vix Box Shift Images “Hows my green smoothie powered musical genius?”
Kelly Rowland – International superstar “Basil Has an amazing voice” +”Basil YOU were a banger!”
  • TJ Davis D-ream “ I really like Basils Vocal”
  • Alan Jacobs EMI “This is the start of something very good”
  • Zock Zock records “ Sign here please”
Prince Michael of Sealand “Thanks for the greatest national anthem ever written”
  • Liberty Radio “ What an extraordinary and unusual talent”
  • Minster FM – DJ Chris Marsden “You need to go out and buy Basils record!”
  • Dave Adams “Drystone radio “Basil is an A-List talent for sure”

End of the Basil Simon Official biography.