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A selection of Songs from the back catalog of Basil Simon. This work is in various styles each representing a story and message as experienced by Basil during his traumatic existence.

Magical Reality

heads, thumbsup, verucog, magical, reality

Electronic rock Dark and moody Creatively authentic (no compromise toward commerciality) A featured song from the album “Dancing for the Money Man” What is the meaning of life? For me the meaning of life is good. In turn this means having a close relationship with positivity. In my experience if a person chooses to celebrate […]

Introducing Stuart Langhorne

Stuart 300x169 - Introducing Stuart Langhorne

A remarkable man appeared at my front door. With his arm outstretched he welcomed my friendship and offered his warmth politely. “Are you Baz?” He asked ” Yesss” I replied suspiciously. “Oh…, You are a musician? you were recommended to me by Robert Barker” My interest was provoked. I immediately realised there was something unusual […]