What are the right things to say to a woman?

baz thumb - What are the right things to say to a woman?

Basil Simon-musical life coach

It is wise to say the right things at the right time according to your principles on good v bad, right v wrong.

Be very clear on those things in your mind and you will not go wrong.

I try to always….

  • Look after other peoples mental health, I help them feel better or understand something easier. I sometimes jump in with a little action in order to help. I am practically useful!
  • I try to boost peoples self esteem by celebrating the good I see in them. I encourage that always! I may compliment the clothes they are wearing – if I genuinely like an item. (honesty matters) or, I may celebrate a thing they said that truly caught my attention. I would compliment them when having said something quite interesting and worth remembering.
  • I will always arrive cheerfully and I will also leave cheerfully, having done as much good and help as I can in-between. I make sure their experience of me is so good that it can only leave a great advert of me inside their head when Im gone! Actions are adverts!
  • I take care of all concerns. If I know, or even suspect, that I may have accidentally stumbled into offending someone, hurting them emotionally, forgot something, or, neglected somebody in any way, then the moment I realise, I communicate with that person and make sure we are all good. If required I apologise and make fresh arrangements, or, change a behaviour for the future. My very first rule of relationships is to: take care of all concerns – fast!
  • Always thank people for their time, their energy or their gifts to you. When people feel appreciated like that then they will remember you fondly !

A song I wrote as a thank you to someone!! he he!

Ok there ya go!!! A few of my best tips for getting along with everybody…

not just women.

Did you know that the way you treat other people is also attractive to a women?

Take care of your personality all round and be the same great person in all situations!

Have a wonderful day!

Basil Simon

Musical life coach


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