The Pros And Cons Of Open Relationships

What are the pros and cons of an open marriage or open relationship?

open relationship - The Pros And Cons Of Open Relationships

Answer given; as requested from Basil Simon on Quora….

Firstly…. Be sure this is really and truly what you both want.

Open relationships are really a friends with benefits type scenario. The fantasy can be seductive…. Continue to have multiple partners and stay in a secure relationship too. In my experience this rarely works well, especially for younger people. Why? Because emotions can be very surprising. And events unpredictable.


  1. Exciting and adventurous.
  2. a sense of freedom
  3. You might meet someone who is a good upgrade to your current partner


  1. You may experience jealousy
  2. you may contract a sexually transmitted disease.
  3. You may get dumped
  4. You could end up breaking your current relationship.
  5. You will not experience the nature and joy of a committed loving relationship.
  6. You could become very emotionally confused

If you are already in a relationship and this is an idea for a change …..

then maybe it might be better to consider the option of swinging. But with ground rules…

1..Never with friends always with strangers

2. Always with protection

3. Never meet the same couple twice.

This way you keep your regular relationship and at the same time get to experience the fantasy.

One more thing. Always meet couples in a public place first to make sure you are completely comfortable with them.

There are some crazy people out there! And I would advise not to do mind altering drugs during the process. Its not funny when you suddenly think you have entered a goat!

Good luck!

I hope this helps

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