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I am a UK producer committed to helping my fellow humans in any way I can.

I offer my experience in the form of life advice (many seem to value it!) and I also offer my back catalogue of music productions as royalty free music downloads. These can be used for Youtube or any other creative project so long as it complies with the Basil Simon definition of good! Many of the songs in my catalogue have been produced as a direct result of my difficult life experiences. If you do require music for any project then please do hit me up here

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Sealand, official flag, coat of arms, La mare libetas,
The Sealand flag  Basil Simon is the composer of the Sealand National Anthem!


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As the world goes crazy (on many levels)  I try to share my best thoughts, experiences and observations via my music production and my writing. As a UK music producer I have spent my life observing, learning and adapting as my life took its twists and turns through various traumas and challenges. I try to help others with the things I learned.

As a UK producer I have always attempted to make my songs carry an inspirational or positive life message.

I have also been very active on Quora since 2016 as a “musical life coach” helping people wherever possible and have had the great honour of being awarded many publications in the Quora digest. Feel free to have a look around.  There is plenty to read here with my featured Quora questions and answers page 

If you require a conscious UK music producer / composer to work on a “good” music project then feel free to hit me up!

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