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In this world of information overload it is important for the ethical to correctly define good.  Capitalism motivates humans to make money any way they can. Although many publishers, film makers and writers are a part of the solution therefore thinking carefully about what they put out into the world, standards in responsible publishing all across the media have however dropped  Some of us do clearly define good and so think carefully about  the effect our work has on our audience however many do not.

Many choose to sell hard using the negativity of the masses. They have no care and therefore only desire expanding their audience as much as possible. So, making money is the absolute priority. And the do so any way they can. Negative entertainment has become a free for all. violent entertainment is the norm. Shocking imagery is the prefered method for gaining attention from the masses. The dangerous result is; no clear definition of good and bad resulting in a lack of guidance for impressionable minds.

Young minds are therefore growing in a world where heroes kill, music artists celebrate violent street life and twisted intollerant online videos recieve very little regulation.

Much of this is never challenged in any meaningful way. Film makers are regularly given awards for their work regardless of what that work stands for on a moral level. The definition of good is now becoming lost in the tsunami of irrisponsible human attitude. There is no real leadership from western leaders and so morality is not a priority in public thinking. The definition of good is melting away into our background. Religion offers guidance to some but the % of athiests has grown in the last century Therefore, the idea of a God for many is not realistic. They do prefer to believe the world is Godless. I would suggest that defining good is really very important in todays world.


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I Therefore offer this guide for anyone who is interested. If you do wish to develop being a good person then this is hopefully a decent guide as to what should be; the definition of good and the definition of bad..

Basil Simon’s definition of good.

Something is good if it is any of the following. (without having any qualifiers from the ‘bad’ definition list)….

  1. If it is constructive toward solutions
  2. Something is good If it relieves suffering
  3. If it promotes harmony and human cohesion
  4. It Preserves and sustains life
  5. If it does bring joy to consciousness
  6. If it does Inspires humans positively
  7. Something is good if it encourages positive intellectual growth
  8. If it does celebrates positive progress

Basil Simon’s definition of bad

Something qualifies as bad if it is ANY of the following…….

  1. If it is destructive & creates problems
  2. It does creates suffering
  3. It promotes division and conflict
  4. If it is destructive to life
  5. When something brings stress and unhappiness
  6. If it inspires humans negatively
  7. It is something that does sabotages positive intellectual growth
  8. It does celebrates destruction, discord or disharmony

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The definition of good is represented by the Verucog in this page
The Verucog is a popular fashion symbol representing goodness, harmony and wisdom. The definition of good.


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