Do IQ tests effectively measure intelligence?

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Basil Simon – musical life coach

It seems to me that one could be easily trained to beat a standard IQ test.

It also seems to me that that an IQ test is not really testing intelligence but testing the candidate’s skills on those given problems which are arbitrary and do not apply to real-life problems. IQ tests seem to make intelligence very much a static thing when it is actually dynamic, any one person’s effectiveness is in fact subject.

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The standard IQ test is without doubt an irony that should embarrass humanity…..if he is smart enough to understand that he he!!

In my experience it matters not how intelligent we are but rather what our intentions are. Eg: my friend has created a wonderful virtual space with the sole intention of helping his fellow man. Even if he scored extremely low all across the ‘so called’ intelligence spectrum quotientsphere ( is that even a word? Lol!) , for me it would be irrelevant because in the center of his very being… He wants to help. He wants to be a part of the solution. That is all that really matters!! For me, that qualifies my friend as a genius. Because he is good.

Good needs clarification in this war of information

Our young are bombarded with capitalist stimuli day in day out through the mainstream media , internet and social platforms. Violence, murder, evil and the whole dysfunctional side of humanity is celebrated and dangled as a carrot in order to make as much money as possible. Viewer ratings, traffic, likes & views is all that matters and so business sells out because this is what works. Good and bad, right and wrong get lost and muddled. Young minds entering this existence can be forgiven for not having good intention. It does not matter how they score across intelligence tests if their intentions are not good.

As a music producer, composer and singer/songwriter I came to realise all of the above and so just like my friend I decided on good intention. My personal mission is to write and record songs that deliver the very best of my knowledge and understanding. I hope to give people good information that will inevitably help them deal with some of life’s tougher traumas successfully as I did. Mainly to educate about the importance of good intention.

My next album is to be named ‘’Lyrics for life’ and as a part of the online promotion I will also design an intelligence test of my own….

The GIQ test ..good intentions quotient test!

I believe the world needs to encourage future generations to develop the natural human inclination for good intentions!

So…. I too believe that the standard IQ tests I have come across are completely I adequate in measuring intelligence…

the intelligence that matters!

Have a fantastic day!

Basil Simon

Musical life coach

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