How to become smarter by talking to smarter people.

become smarter by approaching smart people at the right time

Just because someone is smart, qualified &accomplished doesn’t mean you will become smarter just by talking to them.

You have a plan to become smarter by speaking to a smart person but If that person has no desire to spend the time it takes to talk to you at the level you require then you are stopped in your tracks. A couple of things need to be in place before we can become smarter by talking to a smart person.

  1. Approach the person at just the right time. A time when they have no impending missions in life!
  2. They have to have the desire to indulge you.

If these two things are not present in the situation then gaining information of course will be next to impossible.

The very first thing that needs to be in place is that the smart person has a desire to help.

We can encourage this if we are considerate and patient in our approach. The way to do this would be to execute a long game. As follows:

  1. Whenever we meet the person smile and ask how they are. Be positive and nice. getting help is far more likely for smiley people!
  2. After several times meeting them, begin to compliment them on their knowledge. Make a point of mentioning something that impressed you that they said or did. Do this two or three times. But don’t go over the top!
  3. Plan a moment to approach them, when you know they are relaxed, with no impending situations. Smile and ask if they would be willing to help you with something.

Ask questions to become smarter!

People who become smarter in life do so because they analyse and ask. Asking questions is the spark for the flame of knowledge. Developing an inquisitive mind is the way to be prepare to receive knowledge. When we finally gain the time we need with the smart person we need to be prepared to ask the right questions. Just because a person is smart in one area does not necessarily mean they will be skilled in taking the lead in a conversation. Their knowledge may need to be drawn out of them. This is why asking questions is essential.

Respecting the information.

Once we have successfully gained the time and conversation with our smart person, we should ideally show them that we are organised in how we will process any information received. One way to do this could be to take notes. If we open a notes app on our phone and take notes of what the person is saying this can be one way to demonstrate that we are serious about learning and want to become smarter! Writing on a piece of paper will work too. Of course this may not be required if we are simply asking one thing and are capable of retaining the information. But, for more in depth answers that include directions, links or lists then note taking is advisable.

Bonding with the smart person helps us become smarter.

If we are serious about building knowledge then keeping this source of information would be a good move. We can achieve this by bonding with our smart person. The dynamics of the relationship will no doubt be “Teacher – student”. For the relationship to continue satisfactorily we need to make sure the “teacher” gains value from this relationship.

The way we deliver value in this scenario is to demonstrate results and share excitement for the subject area.

If we go to our “teacher”, after receiving information and give feedback on how that helped then the “teacher” can gain a sense of satisfaction for their effort. We might discuss:

  • Other areas of study it led us into,
  • Solutions that their help provided,
  • Any other favourable result.

By provoking further discussion on the subject and demonstrating how their information has helped provides value to the “teacher”. This value can help the relationship to progress into a more established level. Once bonding has been created then gaining new information becomes easier.

Saying thank you to people who help us with their time, knowledge and energy is also advisable.

Only last Friday I delivered fish and chips to the doorstep of a very wise man who I do value greatly in my life to say ‘thank you’ for his time and help. He is always available to me for comment!

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