When Is Flirting Too Much?

Flirting is definitely too much if…

A guide about flirting from Basil Simon
Basil Simon
Basil Simon, 27 yrs of successful marriage and a deep understanding of human instincts and …. flirting!
 Flirting can get you into a lot of trouble in life especially if it is done in completely the wrong circumstances! Be sure you do not get yourself into serious trouble by making these common mistakes! Please don’t assume I am specaking from experience here because I am not- honest!  These recommendations just sprung from my spritely mind as I imagined how best to advise people on this very important subject! Please feel free to follow this advice as it could dramatically optimise your experience of life!

So on with the important part. Flirting is definitely too much if;

  1. You are alone with a family member- flirting is too much here!
  2. You are alone and feeling horny in a field full of cows
  3. You are looking in your mirror
  4. The priest catches you with your hand in the church collection box
  5. You are leading a marriage guidance counselling session
  6. You just got accidentally abducted by aliens,
  7. A police officer has just caught you urinating in a public place-dont flirt now!
  8. The fireman is cutting your crushed legs from the wreckage of a vehicle
  9. Your care worker is collecting your putrid bed pan
  10. You are bouncing up and down on a pogo stick-no flirting here it could kill you lol!

So there you have it!

My top ten tips on when not to flirt. If you do decide to refuse this advice and go ahead and flirt anyway in the very circumstances I advise against, then be sure to tell me how it works out for you! Especially if you get abducted by aliean. That could be a very interesting conversation!


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