Free spirit is under attack because information is the third world war.

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The story behind Basil Simons free spirit song “Life is a head game”. One of 12 brilliant tracks available on his last album ‘Dancing for the money man’. This album is available from all good download stores and is also available to stream on Spotify!

Never before in human history has it been more important to protect our minds from the information bombarded at us each and every day.

Every where we go we can be subjected to content that is designed to recruit our loyalty, steal our attention and win our vote. Taking our money used to be the main aim. These days its all about opinion and recruitment because they want to wear down the free spirit of humans.

Quality of thinking is important to remain a free spirit.

It is essential that we operate a personal system for quality of thinking. This means being very careful about what we choose to believe and also what we choose not to believe. If like me, you are a person who values truth, then this is crucial to maintaining personal thought integrity therefore I am careful to assess where my information is coming from. I ask basic questions. Why is this information out there? what is the agenda behind it? What do the people putting it out have to gain from my opinion becoming favourable to them and more importantly; Is the information promoting goodness? Is it information intent on spreading ideas that are a part of the human problem?. All these things matter to me because I like to think I am a free spirit capable of being a part of the human solution. In order to be that I need my brain content to be authentic and therefore unpolluted!

My Box System

I operate a box system for my free spirit preservation and thinking. If somebody tells me something and I have no idea if this person is reliable, then the info goes into my possibly box. If it comes from a person who previously told me something and it later proved to be wrong, then it will go into my probably not box. The only time any information received will make it into my definitely box is if I can verify the claims with one of my five senses and therefore assign it as the truth. My senses are the censors I rely on to prove things in the world to my brain. If I cant touch it, smell it, hear it see it or taste it, and prove it to me, then Im not buying! Once I have experienced a thing then it can very often end up in my bullshit box! By operating my thinking system I keep my thoughts integrity and therefore I remain a free spirit!

Information is the third world war.

Everyone is asking constantly “when will the third world war happen?”. YouTubers constantly report on political events and try to predict it however none of them realise the truth; They are already in the third world war! It is the war of information. There is a daily battle ensuing for our minds. We are under constant attack. Many have already surrendered. A great many are going nuts emotionally, compromised with emotional agendas. Many have been hopelessly recruited because their own human defects allowed them to become biased one way or another and therefore they no longer care about truth and only care about winning. Truth and sense is the casualty of the third world war. We must protect ourselves and save our thoughts and free spirit from pollution.
Ask yourself these questions. “Am I compromised emotionally?”.  “How much of the things I think I know is actually really true?”. “Am I buying into lies and becoming a part of the human problem?”.
About the author: Basil Simon is a Musical visionary producing thought producing Alt Rock music for the masses. He is a recognised life coach, classical composer and UK music producer. He has also spent time in radio as a broadcaster and is also a published arts reviewer.
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