How Do I Prepare For A Business Party In Europe?

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Basil Simon,
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How to prepare for a business party

Things to consider for a business party

  • What key people are going there that could benefit your situation from a business point of view
  • What exactly you wish to achieve from meeting these people
  • What you have to offer that will interest these people
  • What your pitch will sound like. What is your irresistible offer?
  • What are the interests of these key people? Research research research!
  • What is the customary dress code in this area of the world for female business people?
  • Do you have enough business cards to take?

Preparation is everything

Know what you wish to achieve and from who. If you research the interests of key people then you will know what to get an education about prior to arriving so you have conversational material that will definitely go down well. additionally. it would be a good idea to understand something about the countries you are in on a positive level.

be sure to know the things about this country that impress you.

bring this up in conversation as a celebration of their cultural offering to the world. Knowing this type of information will prepare you very well for those unexpected meetings with people you didn’t realise would be there and worth targeting for potential business. Be prepared with comparison content, the differences between the aspects of the country you are discussing and your own. This brings an educational value into the conversation and makes you more interesting. Always smile and be positive.

Business content

Try to bridge conversations into the business chat. Listen closely to what people say. Be patient and understand what is important to them right now. Quickly make a decision as to whether what you have to offer is compatible and actually useful to them right now. Dont push hard, maybe talk about another company you worked with who were doing something similar that your company helped. Add a sweetener onto that, a little comment to indicating that they got special treatment in some way . see if they bite! If they do not, then leave a gap and later make the suggestion you might be able to help each other? Offer to exchange contact information.

With the correct approach you can sell anything! here is a song I wrote to illustrate this fact! king of tomatoes.mp3 enjoy!

This would be my approach to preparing for a business party.

but…. if it is all about fun and is an internal company event then just research the country, have a list of questions for things you’d like to understand more and away you go! enjoy!

I hope this helps

Basil Simon

Musical life coach

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