How Hard Or Easy Is It To Avoid Affairs?

baz thumb - How Hard Or Easy Is It To Avoid Affairs?

Basil Simon, 27 yrs of successful marriage and a deep understanding of human instincts


Just agree never to connect your sexual organs with the opposite sex if you are not married to them.

Sexual organs does include mouths .

Here are some ways to know you are in definite danger of heading into a marital affair… (in case you are a bit confused about it!)

  1. You experience sexual excitement or attraction when looking at another person.. look away you naughty person!
  2. You accidentally agree to engage in a social event, on a  one on one basis, with a person you have previously felt sexual excitement for or an attraction for… cancel immediately!
  3. You find yourself making a lot of unusual sneaky eye contact with a person, resulting in feelings of attraction. Stop it! you know this is wrong!
  4. You find yourself making more subtle and sneaky physical contact with a person you are attracted to. Including, brief touching of arms, back, shoulders legs, bum or breasts, keep your hands off! naughty naughty!
  5. You find yourself regularly messaging a person who is showing a big interest in you on an attraction level. These texts get more and more personal. Take this back a step to short and formal. Talk about, and celebrate your existing partner repeatedly!
  6. You accidentally start exchanging carefully chosen pictures of yourself with someone you feel an attraction for. Send a good sexy picture of your partner!
  7. You start being deceptive with your best friend/partner to make the required space to spend time with another person you are attracted to. Go home now. Do it!

Follow these 7 caution tips and you will never hurt your partner with the reckless, disloyal, promiscuous, devious, self serving asshole in you.

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