How To Make More Friends

How can I be more social and have more friends?

I’m in my early 20’s and  guess I’ve always been somewhat of a loner. I Do not have too many friends and all of my weekends & days nights are spent at alone home. I am reasonably good looking  and females are definitely interested in me but I’m just way too laid back and tend to remain quiet and feel like I could be living my life differently.
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Answer given… as requested from Basil Simon on Quora…

In order to meet females you must be in the social mix. So your options are…..

  1. Go out more.
  2. Use a dating service
  3. Join a meetup. (
  4. Contact your existing mates and ask where they like to go out to, try to get an Invite!
  5. Enroll in a night school course. This is a great way to meet the opposite sex and via a genuine shared interest

Doing nothing will result in Nothing. Be proactive and change your life!

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Hope this helps.

Good luck!

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