Introducing Stuart Langhorne

A remarkable man appeared

at my front door.

Stuart - Introducing Stuart Langhorne

With his arm outstretched he welcomed my friendship and offered his warmth politely.

“Are you Baz?” He asked ” Yesss” I replied suspiciously. “Oh…, You are a musician? you were recommended to me by Robert Barker” My interest was provoked. I immediately realised there was something unusual and special about this sparkling human! I invited him in.

I spoke with him for about 1 minute. I immediately detected that he was a very individual character. I did wonder if he had a touch of autism or maybe asbergers syndrome. There was a certain focus at play. He was clearly very absorbed with his personal mission and that focus was hard to redirect.  Before this first minute concluded he announced he plays piano. I immediately asked him to give me a tune. Stuart immediately headed toward the upright piano kindly donated to me by Sutton C of E primary school!

I was astonished at this mans ability.

His fingers flowed without interruption as the piano came alive like I had never heard it before. His repetoire was clearly extensive. The amazing thing was that on investigation I discovered that Stuart plays entirely from memory of what he has heard. He does not read, he reflects with artistic flare. He reproduces the music he likes with amazing ease. His memory connects to his fingers and the piano simply happens. Beautifuly!

I believe that Stuart is a type of genius, he may even be a savant.

A week or so later Stuart appeared at my door for a second time. He had wonderful news. Someone important had liked his photo on Facebook and he had recieved the personal mobile phone number from John Eden, a member of Beverly Cravens management team. Naturally Stuart was overjoyed and viewed this as a miracle from God. He asked me to record him and so I immediately reached for my Zoom handy recorder and Stuart proceeded to play his rendition of Andrew Gold’s ‘Lonely Boy followed immediately by Beverly Craven’s ‘Promise me’ His performance was immediate and flawless. Stuart is a complete natural talent and I certainly do respect his ability.

More importantly Stuart is a very nice person and I am pleased he had the notion to simply turn up! 

Please now enjoy the performance he gave that afternoon in my lounge!

Andrew Gold’s ‘Lonley Boy’ Performed by: Stuart Langhorne


Beverly Craven ‘Promise Me’ Performed by: Stuart Langhorne


If you wish to see Stuart play live

you can do so completely free of charge by visiting “Hettie’s Cafe” located at number 8 High street, in the center of Skipton on a Wednesday aftertoon 1pm til 3:30 pm. You can have a cup of tea and a crumpet and enjoy the brillaint piano performance of the one and only Stuart Langhorne




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