Is Conflict The Quickest Route To A United Planet?

The Ultimate political achievement for any leader would be; the unification of planet earth.

unifiedplanet - Is Conflict The Quickest Route To A United Planet?

Globalisation! Indeed the person who successfully guides the human race into becoming the U.C.E, The United Continents of earth, is destined to become the most celebrated human in history.  But will this happen any time soon? I personally doubt it. Why? because I truly believe that the person who achieves this will require outstanding personal, Intellectual and leadership qualities. I dont see that person anywhere on the horizon.

Current leaders of the world are fanatically opposed, in full on competition mode.

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Capitalism is a monster that devours both our planet and species. It sets man against man,  generation against generation, country against country, ideology against ideology and ultimately reason is set against absurdity. Greed, selfishness, desperation, ruthlessness and power is the required skillset, if you posess these then you stand a chance. You stand the chance of progressing in the game of gain and the chance of leading a nation. But could such a person then lead the world?

I do not believe so 

As we previously established, the very nature of capitalism is a negative, all consuming system, that demands the worst traits of humanity to thrive and evolve. If this game is allowed to play out then  inevitably we must implode. The reason for this is really quite simple. you must forsake morality to win.

Who the hell in their right mind would ever be happy for immoral people to rule the world? 

As long as there are immoral people at the top of the political tree then there will naturally be opposition. Hense there can never be a unified people on planet Earth. Capitalism creates self centered, immoral and ruthless people, the exact demographic of people who create conflict. If this is correct, then logic would predict a forecast of conflict for humans for the foreseeable future.

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We clearly need to change the entire system of the western world to stop this runaway train. But is it possible?

How do we achieve a U.C.E, a United Continents of Earth?

for me a complete system change is required! Instead of Greed, selfishness, desperation, ruthlessness and power being the human traits we most encourage in our evolution, I believe we must instead encourage; Generosity, goodwill, fairness and co-operation. These traits exist in abundance in human beings, I believe that the people with these traits are in fact the majority. Unfortunately, these traits alone cannot take charge in any given western nation within the structure of the current game. As long as there are people cheating their way ahead with ruthlessness. 

So…. the game is rigged. At least for us good moral folks!

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Our hands are tied behind our backs. We have to sacrifice the morality in us if we wish to win. We have to become one of them, we must become immoral. How many good people can do that? be immoral? Be as bad as it takes in order to take power over the current bad people at the top?

If the game can not be changed, If the runaway train  cannot be stopped in its tracks then what is the alternative? What is the short cut? does one exist? Can we humans nicefrank - Is Conflict The Quickest Route To A United Planet?actually manage to steer this monster we have created toward improvement? Toward sense? Do we have the power to give Frankenstein a heart?

 It would take a special kind of political brain to make this happen.

It would take a person who never loses sight of his end game,  a person who fully understands not only how to compromise the activities and winning strategies of the global neocons, but; who could then also successfully announce a new game in town.

The announcement would need to be the biggest marketing campaign in the entire history of that nation. It would require a declaration that money will no longer exist. The very fuel of greed, desperation, ruthlessness and power would need to be removed entirely. Our pilot nation would need to create a whole new annual celebration;

Exchangism day. 

A day when society would mark the incredible turning point, the day we officially switched a system of selfish gain into becoming a system of cooperation. This marketing campaign would need to reach every single person in that country and each and everyone of them would need to agree that the new game looks good and is worth a go! What type of person would we need leading us to achieve this switch?

We need an trojan horse! 

The person who can do this needs to be a trojan horse. They would first need to masquerade as a ruthless capitalist. Become so good at gaining wealth that the other capitalists are left in awe.  The journey would be tough, Our hero would need to be corrupt, ruthless, willing to manipulate the law, bend the rules, blackmail, extort and even kill. Once they get into top spot and become the leader of the nation they infiltrated, then they would have to engage in a deeply planned and well orchestrated psychological war. The war against immorality via the promotion of ethics and positive thinking.  Good would need to convert bad. Reason would need to replace all absurdity. A clear manifesto would need to be published. A new age of political vision and reform would have to emerge. Humans would need to be taught the art of agreement, cooperation, positivity and acceptance.  The reshaping of capitalism would have to begin. A reshaping that would inevitably morph into a completely new animal….


Could exchangism be a viable alternative to capitalism for our hero?. Co-operatives have already proven as early as the 15th century that people working together for mutual benefit can indeed work. Co-operatives have since been a regular approach to survival for many organisations over the course of the last 500 yrs. However cooperatives use the existing currency system.Money represents Barterism but is this approach fundamentally flawed? The existence of money naturally attracts the greedy, the unfair, the hoarders and the power hungry. The system of exchangism would never use units of currency, it would instead be a system of fair exchange. It would work in a similar manner to cooperatism but would require a rigid mathematical structure and social cohesion. Citizens would recieve fairly in exchange for fair productivity. A quota system would need to be clearly established to allow this to work. Everybody takes their natural place in the organisation and contributes toward the annual requirement quota. In return each citizen recieves goods and services based on their productivity. If they want more then they must produce more.

The education system would be totally redesigned in order to identify the natural inclination and interests of the very young. 

Children would be nurtured and educated in the very direction they most gravitate toward by nature. Education would become complimentary instead of oppressive. Graduates would feel succesful already, on exit from the ‘ADC’ Aptitude development center. Nobody leaves miserable fearing an uncertain future! Increased happiness quota would be the ultimate aim. Humans would arrive into society comfortable in their chosen role. Contented productivity and contented living the order of the day.

Our hero would need to use the power of the media to overwhelm broadcasting schedules with a clear message of the new way. School curriculums would need to be completely overhauled. Our schools would have to prepare new minds for a completely new approach to life. They would learn ethics, morality and fairness above all. An unstoppable positivity would need to be created to power this new animal. The tagline for exchangism would be..

‘Happiness For All’  

All humans could be educated and trained under the following areas of expertise:

  • infrastructure. including all tradesmen skills such as building, electrics, plumbing, maintenance etc..
  • Sustenance. including Agriculture, energy, water,
  • technology. including communications, innovations and developments
  • Manufacturing. including stoneworks, metalworks, materials, Synthetics, drugs, food
  • Transportation. including all vehicle operation and logistics
  • Healthcare. including medical, physical and mental health,
  • Happiness quota. including arts, entertainment, events
  • Earthcare. including environment, science, animal study, space
  • Rehabilitation. including  incarceration, teaching and psychology.
  • knowledge: including teaching, studying, discovering, verifying
  • Fairness: including law, arbitration, enforcement

In this system of exchangism…

Each organisation or individual, would be given a target quota to achieve annually for the overall demand of the nation’s basic requirements. The quota would need to be fair and achievable without creating stress. If demand in any given area is not met then more young minds are encouraged into that area of operation to meet that demand. The media would aim new entertainment at these young minds in this particular sector in order to plant the seeds of inspiration. We would have a quota of stars. These role models would be featured via the broadcasting system. We would have a star plumber if we require more plumbers, a star manager of we need more managers or even a star road sweeper if we require more road sweepers. These stars would be chosen for their positivity and charima. They would demonstrate clearly the merits of thier chosen track in life. Young minds would be influenced, therefore creating natural higher interest in these directions. Responsible broadcasting for a responsible society. 

Each member of society would be issued with an allowance of services and products annually. Everyone can survive well, remain warm and sheltered, be clothed and be entertained in equal measure. Fair exchange on an organised level. Everyone has a function in society and performs that function reliably, happily and efficiently. In return they receive everything needed for a happy life. If indeed a person becomes discontented with thier chosen position, then they would be given the opportunity to exchange roles with somebody in a separate sector who desires thier position now.

Co-operation is the agreement, a raised happiness quota is the result.

our hero would need to demonstrate to the world that this can actually work and work well. Once this has been successfully piloted, then this leader would need to make the new game the biggest game… globally.

In order to do this our hero politician needs to be a friend to all other nations.

The person who unites cannot divide at the same time. Our hero must unify all leaders by demonstrating a better way. It would require extraordinary diplomacy, communication, humanity, wisdom, patience, integrity and tenacity.Does such a person exist? Is it possible there is one human right here, right now, on planet earth who has the goodness in his heart? the contradictory ruthlessness in approach? the unwavering commitment for delivery? the clear vision that tells him…

The world needs to be conquered; Not by conflict but by cooperation. 

Could that person be you?

  • If you have positive suggestions for improvement of exchangism, then I would like to hear that! Please be sure to contribute your thoughts and ideas in the comments. Thankyou

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Author: Basil Simon – musical life coach

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