Keyboard shortcuts list for Pro Tools in windows

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts I compiled for convenience for anyone using Pro Tools 12 HD  in Windows. I would imagine most of these will work in any recent version of Pro Tools!

protools - Keyboard shortcuts list for Pro Tools in windows

Protools keyboard commands (alphabetical)

Automation, toggle track view on all tracks: Alt + –

Automation, suspend on current track: Ctrl + click

Automation, display playlist of automation enabled plug in control, track volume, or track pan: Ctrl + win + click

Bypass all reverb plugins on selected tracks: shift + v

Bypass all delay plugins on selected tracks: shift + d

Bypass all modulation plugins on selected tracks: shift + m

Bounce to disk: shift + alt + b

Clear selected clips: ctrl + shift + b

Copy clip gain: Win + shift + c

Cut clip gain: Win + shift + x

Clip gain paste: Ctrl + v

Clear clip gain: Win + shift + b

Consolidate selection: Alt + shift + 3

Crossfade, apply: Ctrl + win + f

Destructive punch: Win + click the tracks record enable button

Delete MIDI event in list: Alt & click the event

Delete event marker: With pencil or grabber tool: Alt +click the marker

Delete warp marker: double click the marker

Delete memory location: alt & click on a memory location marker

Duplicate tracks: alt + shift + d

Extend selection to song start: Win + shift + enter

Extend selection to next clip boundary: Shift + tab

Extend selection to previous clip boundary: Alt + Shift + tab

Extend cursor or selection across all tracks: Shift + click

Fades create: ctrl + f

Fade out from cursor to clip end: g

Fades, regenerate missing: Ctrl + r

Fade to start: Alt + d

Fade to end: Alt + g

Go to and select next clip: Win + Tab

Go to and select previous clip: Win+ Alt + tab

Go to song start: Win + enter

Go to end of session: Alt + enter

Group clips: Ctrl + alt + g

Heal separation: Ctrl + h

Half speed record:  Ctrl + shift + spacebar

Identify sync point: ctrl + ,

Insert silence: ctrl + shift + e

Increase or decrease height of track selection: Win + up or down arrow

Locate cursor to next transient: Tab  (if tab to transient is enbabled)

Locate cursor to previous transient: Ctrl + Tab

Loop playback of edit selection:  0

Loop clips: Ctrl + alt + l

Memory edit location: Win + click

Memory location delete: Alt + click

Memory location create: enter(numeric keyboard)

Move song start marker only: win + shift then drag the start marker

Move clip sync point to current timecode : u

Midi merge, replace mode on/off: 9

MIDI notes all off: Ctrl + shift + .

Mute track with selection: Shift + m

Nudge clip gain down: Win + shift + down arrow

Nudge clip gain up: Win + shift + up arrow

Open MIDI event list window: Alt + =

Play by pre and post-roll value through selection start/end: ctrl + alt + < >

Play from edit start: 7

Play edit selection: alt + [

Play to edit start: 6

Play from edit start: 7

Play to edit end: 8

Play from edit end: 9

Quantize:   Alt + 0   

Rename selected clips: ctrl + shift + r

Repeat selection : Alt + r

Return to start of session: enter

Record enable all tracks in selection: shift + r

Select unused clips: ctrl + shift u

Snap clip start to play position: h

Snap clip end to current timecode: i

Snap clip end to play position: k

Solo track selection: Shift + s

Strip silence: Shift + u

Start record: ctrl + spacebar   or   F12   or  3 on numeric pad

Show or hide clip gain line: Win + shift + hyphen (-)

Show/hide MIDI clips: Ctrl + shift (numeric keypad)

Stop record and delete take:   ctrl + .

Tools: grabber: F8  or   Ctrl + 4

Timeline selection to edit selection:  )

Trim clip to selection: ctrl + t

Trim clip start to cursor: A

Trim clip end to cursor: s

Zoom vertical  to show all tracks: Alt + a

zoom horizontal to show all tracks: Alt + win +a

Zoom out horizontal: r

Zoom in horizontal:  t

Zoomer tool: F5

Zoom vertical to show all notes (lowest to highest) in MIDI and Instrument (MIDI)  :    ctrl + win  shift + [

Zoom horizontal to selection including midi notes: Alt + win + f

More Commands

If there are any commands you wish to know but are not listed here then you will find them on this great page I found!

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