Is It Ok To Meet Someone In A Chat Room?

“I met this guy from a chatroom. I didn’t plan on giving my number to anyone from online. We texted for about a week on snapchat then I finally gave him my number & we started to talk on the phone. I think I start to like him. Is it wrong?”

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Basil Simon,
Skilled communicator and understander of humans.

I spoke with my wife for around 6 months just on the phone before actually meeting her in person.

We have since been together very happily for 28 wonderful yrs.

I did in fact meet her in a chat room!

The biggest advantage to meeting people this way is the fact that a relationship begins by a meeting of minds. It can fully test mental compatibility up front, instead of that being an afterthought. Too many young people these days become partners based purely on physical attraction. This is definitely not the most effective start to a relationship in my opinion. A good strong mental connection is far more important.

When you talk at distance you exchange personalities. It gives a great opportunity to understand how your potential partner thinks. Are they developing morally?Are they caring?   Can you laugh with them? Are they honest? Can you learn about the world together and grow with them?,

I believe you have the perfect start to a relationship!

I am absolute living proof that a meeting of minds is the best possible approach.

One word of advice though. Do take careful steps to make sure that whoever you are talking to online is not a paedophile if you are a child. There are many predators trolling around online chat rooms looking for young vulnerable people. Do a skype call and make sure they are what they say they are.

And never go to any first meeing alone. 

Good luck!

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Good luck!

Basil Simon

Musical life coach

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