Why Do Men Expect Physical Intimacy On The First Date?

 This young lady provided the following information…..

“I’m searching for a person for life. People without trying to know much about me ask me for physical intimacy. Why? And they ask me very pleasingly looking straight into my eyes, why is it so? What should I do? I don’t like it, I don’t want to be seen like that.”

I’m a 23 year old Indian woman.

Basil Simon,
27 yrs of successful marraige and a deep understanding of human instincts

There could be a few reasons why men expect attention from you on a physical level straight away.


  • You are coming across to them as vulnerable and a little too easy to control
  • You are amazingly attractive
  • Your body language is very flirty/sexual and you give off messages of inviting sexual attention
  • You are giving off very strong pheromones.
  • The way you are dressing suggests you are sexually available
  • You have a big reputation among males for being very accommodating sexually.

indian woman 1 - Why Do Men Expect Physical Intimacy On The First Date?

If you want to reduce the chances of men immediately only wanting  you for physical reasons then the following might be advisable:

  1. Dress very modestly. Cover your flesh. Wear your hair up. Dont wear make up. Men register these things as attractive.
  2. Wear a perfume that is designed purely for cleanliness not sexual attraction.
  3. Never stand too closely to a man you meet up with. keep your personal space well established.
  4. Avoid smiling too much at him and avoid tilting your head in an inferior manner. Remain upright and speak quite firmly.

Be careful of when and where you accept attention from men.

Avoid bars, clubs and public social environments. Those types of places where people generally just look for an immediate

respectable - Why Do Men Expect Physical Intimacy On The First Date?
Indian Lady – dressed moderately

hook up.  It would be wise to try to meet men in a common interest environment. like possibly a college, library or a fitness class. If you do meet up with a man try to make it for reasons involving a common aim like study, revision, working out, seeing a movie, going to an art gallery or museum. Try to keep mutual interests on an academic level. Make the mind, learning, knowledge, humour and appreciation of the world the main conversation.

It is the male instinct to reproduce himself.

Sex is the primary interest of males. You clearly want to meet males who have all this under good control and who have a balanced approach to life. Intelligence becomes pretty important. You need a man who has a well developed personality. A male who understands what decency is and understands how a woman can be interesting in multiple ways . Not just sexually.

If you are in India then I do see how this could be an issue for you since many men in India see women as wholy suitable for domestic servitude. But attitudes are changing, you just need to find a guyman of the new generation who appreciates equality!

You need a good disciplined balanced thinker. Not a rampant sexist animal!

You need to do the right thing! Here is a song I wrote about that! Basil-Simon_do the right thing.mp3

Good luck, I truly hope this helps you.

Basil Simon

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