Say A Single Sentence To Live An Extraordinary Life!

What do you think is the most important and empowering single sentence a person could say to himself regularly in order to have an extraordinary life?

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Basil Simon, Pleased to have been a life coach to many who value my mind

 answer….. “I only remember the good, I only celebrate the good therefore only the good shall come to me.”

There is a good and bad side to everyone and everything. It is entirely our own choice which we choose to see. It is entirely our own choice which we decide to pass along the human chain of communication.

Seeing the bad

If we choose to recieve and remember the bad, speak of the bad and pass along the bad then we become a force for negative energy. Negative people will therefore identify you as a source for more negativity. They will feed off you and supply negativity in fair exchange. Negativity stimulates stress in humans. Stress prevents us from having any notable happiness quota. Our lives become habitually problematic, we feel defeated and hopeless. We discuss that with other defeated and hopeless types. We end up with attitude problems. We develop health problems sooner in life. Good people protect themselves by staying away from us. We become starved of goodness.

Seeing the good

If we choose to only recieve the good, remember the good and relay the good to others then we begin to connect with good people. When we connect with good people we become nourished by them in a positive manner. We create a two way street of positivity. Good people become attracted to us as a new source of positivity. Together we celebrate those things that bring joy, we become entertaned and we laugh more.

Bad thinkers cannot respond in kind. They do not understand the language and so they fall way. Good thinkers attract good thinkers. A circle of good people is a ‘pozicle’ those who live in a pozicle will feel supported, helped, liked, celebrated and valued.

Basil Simon’s definition of good

Something is good if it is any of the following ( without having any qualifiers from the ‘bad’ definition list )….

  1. constructive toward solutions
  2. Relieves suffering
  3. Promotes harmony and human cohesion
  4. Preserves and sustains life
  5. Brings joy
  6. Inspires humans positively
  7. Encourages positive intellectual growth
  8. Celebrates positive progress

Basil Simon’s definition of bad

Something qualifies as bad if it is ANY of the following…….

  1. Destructive & creates problems
  2. Creates suffering
  3. Promotes division and conflict
  4. Destructive to life
  5. Brings stress and unhappiness
  6. Inspires humans negatively
  7. Sabotages positive intellectual growth
  8. Celebrates destruction, discord or disharmony

In this life of excessive broadcasting and constant bombardment of information we must become aware of how that information effects us. Everything we see and here creates stimulous. Most of the entertainment being made is sadly designed to appeal to the negative masses in order to make the largest amount of money. And so we constantly watch violence and murder on our screens. Human cruelty has become the latest feature. The negative side of humanity has never been celebrated like this before. In order to be the good we must operate ‘quality control’s on our thinking. Truth becomes important, authentic thinking becomes imperitve. Information is the third world war

I did write and record a song named “life is a head game” that deals with this aspect. Let me know if you enjoy it!

The importance of inner peace

Often, people are prevented from thinking positively because they have not first gained inner peace. The way to gain peace is to listen deeply to our own suffering. To admit our mental dysfunctional and to seek the reasons for this dysfunctiion. Most people carry with them subconscious trauma they have never adressed. Usually, it is due to previous emotional and sometimes shocking events we never made sense of, never understood, never moved on from. This leaves us with ’emotional baggage’ . We can find ourselves reacting irrationally and negatively without realising why. It is because those reactions are thrown forward by our damaged subconscious.

In order to find inner peace we need to fully experience the now. Allow the past and the future to leave our mind and leave only the now. Focussing on our breathing will enable this. When we are in the now and fully with ourselves then we can connect and communicate with the deepest part of ourselves and begin to understand our inner suffering. Once we understand our inner suffering it can no longer poison the ‘now’

In my case….

I discovered that I was arrogant and opinionated because I rebelled against an irrational and nonsensical mother. Years of fighting my intellectual corner resulted in this attitude dysfunctionity which I passed to others who did not deserve it! For many years I was obsessed with the idea of being accepted by others because I suffered major rejection, ridicule and bullying in my childhood. This led to me becoming easily offended if somebody didn’t make an effort to demonstrate that they like and accept me. For many yrs I became excessively dominant among groups of males. This was due to inner fear that they might turn on me and beat me as did groups of males in my childhood.

By understanding these things about myself I gained inner peace. I no longer react from my damaged subconscious. I know why those first thoughts arrive and I recognise them as my inner suffering. I now choose to postpone that first reaction and seek to understand the suffering in others. Then I try to help that suffering in them. I try to help them find their inner peace.

An extraordinary experience of life is possible. I am living proof!

I am surrounded by warm loving people, I am fed with good information from their lives and they recommend my skills and services to other good people they know! My pozicle is a wonderful developing thing!

I hope I may have passed the keys to you too!

Good luck and let us make a new pozicle! Stay in touch!

Warmest regard,

Basil Simon

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