The Sealand National Anthem – my story

In the late 1990’s I happened across some information about a place called Sealand that intrigued and entertained me.

Sealand flag
Sealand official flag

It was the worlds smallest micro nation “ Sealand ”. This “nation” was nothing more than a structure that looked very much like an oil rig situated 12 nautical miles off the coast of Southend UK. The story of Sealand is an interesting one. It came into being because during the second world war this structure was created as an offshore fort. It was put there to monitor the sea and air for German military activity. If any suspicious activity was spotted then it could be radioed to shore giving the British a heads up on pending attacks. At the time the distance of British sovereign waters from shore was increased for safety and this fortification was built within the extended portion of the waters. When the war ended the national waters went back to the normal distance and the fort was then marooned in international waters.

The fort was bought by the Bates family!

Michael Bates bought the fort and declared it a micro nation. He gave it the name of Sealand and because it was actually in international waters it qualified as a country! Since then it has led a colourful existence and has even since been invaded by German thugs who were subsequently held at gun point by the Bates family! Their release had to be negotiated by the German authorities! Today the principality of Sealand is recognised as the worlds smallest micronation and has its own currency, its own stamps and even awards titles of Lord and Lady!

I realised an opportunity.

As a musician I was willing to consider any project that would put me on the map as a writer and so I quickly realised an opportunity. I contacted Michael Bates and asked him if Sealand had a national anthem. He replied and said no it didn’t. I offered to write one! It really was intended as a bit of fun and was not ever something I truly thought would result in anything significant. But I was wrong! It did! It established me worldwide as a celebrated classical composer!

The anthem

The anthem has no words and is just a piece of music that plays while you stand and salute. It was named by Michael Bates as “E Mare Libertas” and translates from Latin as “From the sea freedom” The anthem no doubt has a very regal sound with an arrangement that is uplifting, dynamic and very melodic. I have heard it stated that it could possibly be the most melodic national anthem ever written!

In 2005 the anthem was recorded by the Slovak Symphony orchestra and released worldwide on a CD of all the worlds national anthems. I am not sure but I may even be the only man alive to have written a national anthem?

This incident ended up defining me as a classical composer

I do have plans to extend my classical repertoire at some point. Today I am more committed to writing and producing alt rock pop songs with conscious inspiring lyrics that inform and help the human solution!

Basil Simon

(Basil Simonenko in the classical music world!)

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