How to become smart in communicating with people

The more you learn , the more you know. The more you know the more you can communicate.

how to become smart in communicating with people

There is no short cut! The good news is you are already intelligent. You just need to use that. Communication is merely the delivery of information. If you want to know how to become smart in communicating with people then making sure the quality of information you choose to deliver is helpful. It needs to be appropriate and authentic therefore building your reputation as an intelligent person. If you do this consistently at moments where it is useful to others then you will come to be valued for your knowledge. Relationships are all about value. Bring value and you will be an asset to people in their lives. So learning is the key. The more you learn, the more useful to others you become. But choose your moments carefully!

Don’t try to fake knowing how to become smart in communicating with people!

A lot of young people with a fanciful vision of the person they wish to be can get ahead of themselves and try to mimic someone they admire who knows exactly how to become smart in communicating with people. They try to do it by presenting themselves with authority and determination, in fields of study they actually know little about. Their mistake is creating this shop front for everybody but with no stock inside to actually sell! When a person presumes to be knowledgeable and tries to come across as such they just end up annoying people. They bring a stress element into people’s lives. This will break relationships. Once the stress of a person outweighs any value they otherwise bring it’s game over. People move on.


People gain reputation by the way they routinely present themselves to the human tribe. Our reputation is the things people say about us in our absence. If we give people reason for concern then this is what they will speak about in our absence. When the human tribe becomes concerned about us, our bad reputation blocks any chance to be regarded as fully valued. Our desired method of acceptance is therefore compromised. Sometimes our reputation can be a mixed thing because we might bring value to some in ways we do not bring to others and so the reaction of the human tribe is mixed. This makes us controversial. When we present ourselves with any determination this is often the likely outcome. You can not please all the people all the time!

Be comfortable with who you are.

If you become a principled person who knows his/her ideological place and is certain of a chosen belief system then controversy will not matter as much. When we are certain of who we are, what we know and why, then we gain loyalty and admiration from those who value this and disdain from others. Then it becomes wise to operate quality control over who we associate with. We will naturally gravitate toward those who accept us more than those who don’t. Being comfortable with ourselves is far more desirable than being accepted and celebrated by all. When we are comfortable with ourselves then we get closer to understanding how to become smart in communicating with people better because we communicate with ourselves better!.

However, it would be wise not to work toward creating too much concern in others if possible! The skill of diplomacy can become useful in the end! Arrogance is a barbed wire fence placed around the fields of acceptability.

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