‘Telephonic Mayhem’ – the next level in prank calls! – listen now to “Pest Control!”

Prank Calls: Telephonic Mayhem

Before I became challenged by health I did a couple of years as a radio broadcaster at Drystone radio 109.6 FM in the Yorkshire Dales. During my time there I got a bit mischievous! Using the full power of studio production & I used samples to fool UK customer services into believing my strange and surreal complaints were in fact genuine! The results were pretty damned funny! I wont tell you too much about ‘Pest Control’ but…. I did offer the people on the other end thousands to sort out an unusual little problem for me and although they were challenged morally they were thinking about it! Needless to say as the call goes on it gets crazier and crazier! cd design flatterned1 - 'Telephonic Mayhem' - the next level in prank calls! - listen now to "Pest Control!"

Here is a free download sample for you!

This is called Pest control. I called a pest control company with an irresistible request as Alexander Crumple – urban psychopath!

      Listen to Pest Control

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