Truth Management

Truth – weapon or solution?

truth management

Truth management matters. This is clear. When we have truth we have clarity. We have the fullest possible understanding of reality and become best positioned to make reliable decisions accordingly. Truth is the life blood of the pragmatist. However, truth can be both a weapon or a solution. It can be the thing that saves or the thing that destroys. Those who are chosen as guardians of truth carry great responsibility and so their decisions will shape lives, determine events and craft the future.

The importance of principles.

When the truth is in the hands of the unprincipled then reckless distribution of information becomes destructive. If a person has no regard for the mental well being of others or the practical damage that information can do to lives, then they can become wrecking balls in existence. Bad truth management can create unmerited traumatic consequence.

When a person is principled with positive aspiration they…

  • Are bound to become responsible with distribution of information.
  • Will be good with truth management.
  • Will consider all impact and likely outcomes.
  • They will carefully assess how people will react, how events will unfold and how the future will be shaped accordingly.
  • Should do this in line with their positive principles.If a person’s core principles are good, positive and constructive then they are likely to manage the truth responsibly. If their core principles are selfish, destructive and inconsiderate then they will manage the truth irresponsibly. Their aspirations will be to serve agendas with disregard to negative impact.

Damage limitation.

Sometimes the truth is destined to do damage. It arrives like an unexpected monster from the dark and devours whole families, towns or even countries. When truth arrives in this unstoppable destructive fashion then damage limitation is essential and it means becoming solution orientated. It may be true that the meteorite will wipe out your house but it is also true that the land will remain and the house can be rebuilt therefore truth can easily be regarded as just a temporary visitor sent to test us.

We can choose to identify new opportunities despite it and move on constructively, positively and hopefully. We can choose to help others gain this mindset and return to good mental health. Sometimes this takes time and patience to achieve. Sometimes people never recover. It is what it is. When truth wrecks our world we are forced to deal with it as best we can. We must attempt to limit the damage if possible.

To distribute or not to distribute.

Sometimes we are in receipt of information that challenges us. Truth management can be more demanding. We can face choices to either supply it or bury it. Making such a decision requires patient consideration and diligent assessment. The wide array of aspects can be overwhelming and seemingly unfathomable but fathom it we must. I would suggest a system of analysis that favours mental well-being. If delivering information is bound to become traumatising to a person or persons, with no discernible advantage, then I would suggest this to be inadvisable. If however information can clearly provide positive advantage or solution, and; that advantage outweighs any identifiable disadvantage, then it would be prudent to consider delivery.

People may not thank us in the beginning for exposing truth but may well might thank us in the end. Such situations clearly require good judgement.

Unforeseen circumstances.

We are only human and one thing I have learned in this life is that; “Where there’s humans there’s errors!” That certainly includes me and probably you too! This means we can easily get it wrong with our truth management. Sometimes an unforeseen circumstance can become apparent that can make us regret having delivered certain information. When this happens we have no choice but to go into solution mode therefore accepting our mistake and working diligently to limit any damage. These are the facts of life and we must live with them.

In conclusion…

Truth management is tricky. Very tricky. But if we develop our principles and try to be good, positive, constructive and helpful to others then we stand a much better chance of being responsible. Being loving and careful with what we say and who we say it to is very advisable. Some things people need to know and other things they do not need to know.

Be nice, be careful, be the good!

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