Truth matters. Liars matter more.

Truth dilemmas: Do you know a liar?

If so, the fact that you recognise that person as a liar means they are not too dangerous to you.

The ones that really do the damage are the ones you don’t immediately see because they can hide truth with skill. Read on as we discuss the merits of truth v lies.

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In order to navigate reality we first need to fully understand what reality is. That means having a close relationship with truth. When we receive misinformation from nefarious actors harbouring hidden agendas, this becomes difficult. The truth matters in a nice way because it makes life easy for us and we know how things really are however; lies matter more because they are often hard to detect. They sabotage our lives in ways we do not expect. Identifying the wrong information is often the key to unlocking a puzzle that returns us back to a reliable reality. When we continue in any given direction based on inaccurate or wrongful information we become misled and confused. Miscalculation becomes apparent resulting eventually with surprising consequences.


consequences is the damage that gets done by lies. Lies are usually issued by people who really do not care about how their information will set us up for a long term fall, so long as their short term goals are met. They are intent on manipulation foregoing our needs for their own and are deliberate in compromising our reality for their own gain. When psychopaths perform such action it can result in extreme results including death. Liars are completely willing to allow others to live in a compromised reality no matter what the consequences are. This definitely suggests a liar is not a friend. A liar is someone to beware of.

Motivations for disfiguring truth.

The motives behind lies can vary greatly. Some people are compulsive and automatically lie through instinct in order to conceal basic insecurities, or because they have some mental deficiency.  These liars are often just people who pass us by without real consequence. It can be easy to simply dismiss such a person as being challenged by mental health and not someone that can seriously damage us. These people can often be spotted more easily than others and so do not present any real danger to us. Usually, we can see the truth easily despite them! We can avoid giving them positions of responsibility or power because we know they are unreliable. Some liars are more calculating. Some people make lying an art form with many benefits including:

  1. Taking money into their possession
  2. Sexual advancement
  3. Gaining positions of authority or power
  4. Dividing and distracting others from their own activities
  5. Gaining loyalty and personal favour
  6. Improving social status
  7. Gaining followers for an ideological or political movement

These are just a few of the ways a liar can benefit from misinforming people.

Defending a liar.

Liars are defended each and every day…… in court! Professional legal representatives are given the task of defending a lie even if they suspect it to be a lie! The law states that every person has the right to a legal defence and so lawyers are often witnessed twisting and reshaping events into a version preferable for their lying clients! They are not interested in truth. It often works and the liars walk free. Free to continue sowing their seeds of destruction for others. Is this right? I would personally suggest it to be a serious problem for society for obvious reasons. However, It is a part of nature, because it happens.

Less destructive liars can be more easily defended.

Harmless compulsive liars can easily be explained away on the basis of mental health issues because these are easier to defend and justify. These are easier to understand and accept. We accept this type of liar with a level of compassion because quite often they are not calculating or intent on deliberate tangible destruction to society. Relinquishing truth is a little more understandable with these people.

The importance of truth

I taught my boy to understand that a man who fails to have any relationship with truth fails to have any good relationship with himself. A man without truth has nothing. This is because truth provides the light in our lives. It enables us to navigate both ourselves and reality reliably. When we know what is correct, we also know what is not correct. This allows us to make good decisions, make reliable plans and most importantly; allows us to help each other without hindrance, delay or compromise. The truth enables a smooth passage through life free from complication and stress. Stress is a killer. Truth is right and lies are wrong. Period!

So let us preserve the truth and enjoy a long stress free life!

Beware of liars! Certainly don’t vote them into positions of power! Please.

Liars do not have integrity. They are to be avoided at all costs!

I wrote a song called Integrity that deals with the aspect of being truthful. The song is inspired by memories of my own life back when being creative with the truth was something I did without thinking. A normal starting point in life for many young people shaped by their dire circumstances.

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