I’m useless. I’m not good at anything. I’m not a good friend and all my friends leave me. I’m ugly. I don’t have a special trait. Am I wrong?


baz thumb - I’m useless. I'm not good at anything. I'm not a good friend and all my friends leave me. I'm ugly. I don't have a special trait. Am I wrong?

Basil Simon,
Skilled communicator and understander of humans.
 If this is what you truly believe then no; you are not wrong

We are exactly what we believe ourselves to be.

If you choose to see yourself in this very negative & wholy defeatist manner then you will before long develop yourself into everything you say you are …. Because you believe it. Even if you are not in fact any of those things at present.

There is a good and a bad side to  everyone and everything in this life . It is entirely our choice which we choose to see.

You do have the choice to view yourself in any way you wish to. You have chosen here to advertise yourself as a completely challenged & hopeless individual with no chance whatsoever of ever being regarded as acceptable in your looks to others.

I do suspect a real possibility that you may actually have an ulterior motive for this dramatic display.

Do you think it is possible that you have become dependent on the support & pity of others? to carry you through the pain of your existence, when you cry ultimate doom from the depths of your self pity?

You absolutely have the ability to stop relying on others to take your bait. You have the opportunity to cease fishing for unsuspecting positive caring people, with your sole intention to drain their good energy and compassion. You have the ability to view yourself in a positive light. If you so choose.

You could choose to recognise:

  • Your achievements in life, no matter how small you think they are
  • All the good things you have done in your life for others, there must be some examples?
  • The basic abilities you have;  abilities that are capable of further development with a little effort .
  • The opportunity to learn and to develop positively from your own mistakes
  • The ability to understand exactly, how you effect others, in order to gain empathy and thus become a better person. Then… sincerely apologise if required. You can fix things for yourself with others if you want to
  • The opportunity to create a gratitude list containing all the things in your life you should  be thankful for
  • The opportunity to see beauty in this world and  beauty in yourself. It is there for sure. you just have to look.
  • The opportunity to share and celebrate all the good and beautiful things you see, with others.

If you choose not to do these things

then you will fail do that very thing you expect others to do for you….

Boost your sense of self worth, gratitude and capability in life.

I hope you choose to stop trying to get others to carry you and you begin to carry yourself

If you do… then and only then will you truly…. SHINE!

I dedicate this song to you…   Basil Simon – Shine


Basil Simon  

Musical life coach

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Thanks! You Rock!

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