What Do I Do If No-one Asks About Me Or Even Cares If I Am Alive Or Not?

baz thumb - What Do I Do If No-one Asks About Me Or Even Cares If I Am Alive Or Not?
Basil Simon, Skilled communicator and understander of humans.


In order for people to value you, you need to provide value for others.

People only value other people if….

  • They maintain regular quality contact
  • They show a genuine interest in their life
  • They send gifts at appropriate moments
  • They go out of their way to help in times of need
  • They provide a mood of fun
  • They make people feel positive by celebrating the good in life and celebrating the good things in their lives.
  • They deliver good councell and emotional support
  • They provide solutions to problems

I would be interested to know how much of the above you are currently doing for the people you speak of? How much maintenance have you performed on those relationships?

I suspect you have done very little.

It might be a good idea to stop feeling sorry for yourself and become useful to your family and the world. No-one will carry you through this life. You need to take charge of your existence and your future. That begins in the ‘now’

Maybe you need to discover what you are good at?

What are your strengths? What are your interests? Interests that will make you valuable to others in this life. Find a path for yourself.

If you show no interest in your own importance in the world then no-one else will either.

You can be special,

you can become great at anything you desire, or you can remain in obscurity and be that guy who never amounted to anything. What do you prefer? Do you want to be valued or pitied?

you are capable ….. you need to go forth in the world and shine….. I wrote a song about this. I am dedicating this one to you my friend……


The world is waiting for you. Get off those games and the internet and go and learn something or develop a skill!

Go and use that powerful obsessive nature of yours constructively and put it to good use.

Good luck!

Basil Simon

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