Why Are My You Tube Comments Not Showing Up On Other Peoples Channels?

 Question….”Whenever I post a comment it never gets shown on that persons channel. I will sign into my second account to go check if it there, but it does not show it. The channel owner has turned off comment approvals. But when i comment the exact same thing with my second account, it automatically pops up”


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Basil Simon, Musical life coach


Have you tried clearing your cache?

If on Android (my platform) just go to app manager in settings and find You tube. Then hit the ‘clear cache’ button. If that doesn’t work then hit ‘clear data.’

On PC hit ‘Ctrl &F5

Another thing I have noticed with Android is that if I post a comment I never immediately see that. I have to reload the page and then it appears.

I am not sure if it is possible to remove comments in YouTube or block certain users. It would be a good idea to go into you video manager area or preferences area dashboard and have a look to see if you get any options like this. If you see it then of course this becomes a possibility too.

Hope this helps.

Good luck!

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